Press Releases

September 12, 2017

Introducing Oscar:  The world’s first robot that transforms office cleaning into a high-volume profit center.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Olie Robotics of Manchester, Connecticut, is introducing Oscar, the intelligent industrial robot. Oscar is a high-performance teammate in cleaning teams.  It saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor over its life -- maximizing the profit of every office-cleaning contract. Using on board sensors and artificial intelligence, Oscar works with the cleaning team to learn the area to be cleaned and then using artificial intelligence optimizes cleaning routines by learning the patterns of the occupants. Oscar is a tireless worker. It is equipped with a state-of-the art rapid rechargeable battery, providing up to 20 hours of operation per day -- only needing short breaks for a quick recharge. Purchasers will realize a payback in less than a year.  For leased systems, the payback is immediate.  See Oscar on display at the ISSA / INTERCLEAN  tradeshow in the Las Vegas Convention Center from Sept 12-14 at booth 734.