Our Team

Michael Peck
Serial entrepreneur, team leader and visionary. Seasoned product manager who conceived and brought to market several products across telecommunications, power and retail industries. He has a passion for creating practical solutions to real problems. Michael went to college as a music major but got a degree in Physics because he could not keep rhythm.
Airman Baron
CPO - Chief Product Officer
Baron has been building robots or doing a variety of other things in automation for almost 40 years. Yea, he was there in the early years and worked for one of the founders of the very first robotics company. He wears many hats well from system engineering to customer services to documentation and customer training.
Franz Hans
Franz does it all with just the tap of the keys. He's a competitive roboticist in fire fighting competitions, a very well respected senior engineering manager and guru of all things to do with embedded software. His credentials come from three of the best engineering schools in the world.
Billy Bob
Mechanical Engineer
Billy Bob is part mechanical engineer, video producer and graphics animator. He is responsible for many aspects of the mechanical designs that originate from our creative spirit. He is our Solidworks guru, part-time machinist and magician.
Daddy Joe
Senior Engineer
Daddy Joe is quite possibly the best father in the world. He showed up at the Connecticut Robotics Society with a bunch of really cool and unique toys he made for his 4 year old son. After his demonstration, everyone was trying to get Daddy Joe to adopt them including a few kids in their seventies.
Anthony Benigno
Robot Maker
Anthony has been building robots for years and he is still in school. He bridges the gap between electrical engineering, software development, electro-mechanical devices and whatever else is needed. Just the right set of magic ingredients for a roboticist. .